Four to the Floor Fridays!! 09 Mar 2012 :::Set1 and Set2

Set1, the first official four to the floor session. It wasnt the first offering though…we had a non advertised gig the fortnight before just to test the waters and get a feel of how the session would progress as we played. The mood was great and there was a vibey  feel to the atmosphere. Trybe and I decided…f**k it lets do this…

…So “four to the floor fridays!”, this is where the movement comes to life, we will hold 2 sessions a month every second friday evening at khwest cafe in the main mall. The location offers a trendy balcony area, where you can get the feel of the GC sunset as some soulful beats ride through the  air.

Friday 9th march,

We arrive to a pretty chilled mood as a blue haze of the dying sunset lit the area. The golden sunset peircing through the city skyline we setup our decks and speakers. Dj Trybe starts his set at 6.03pm, his first track peven everet – feeling you (in and out).

The first eight beats hit…and the chatter lit up as night slowly krept into the scence. The beats rolled on and on, up until the second hour of the set. The beats changed to some brazilian lounge house, as the place became increasingly packed… at 8pm yours truly came on set, and delivered some deep classics as well as memorable soulful beats. It was the first set of the four to the floor movement, and it was flying.

Next set 23 March 2012.

Trybe on the decks

Set2. We were back after a fortnight, and not much had changed. This time the set was opened by yours truly, kMoe. It felt a little different as the night fell earlier than the previous fortnight -signs that the seasons are changing and winter is upon us. great! because now its the season to really enjoy some warming vibes swathed by the GC cold over a coffee or beer. It was to see and hear the listeners come to the dj booth not to request songs but louder volume!

Good friday was a break in scheduling for us, and it gave us time to gather and improve the sessions but it wasnt without its fare share of good house music, dj Trybe rocked a flying set in Mmankgodi for the beats academy session. Tune on to his radio show true religion souls to hear the best beats you’ll hear on any radio station locally that where we will be dishing out beats fortnight after fortnight.


The movement is building pace and the beats keep rolling. Check out our facebook page for more  updates on the next four to the floor fridays!



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