True Religion Souls Radio Show

This is an online radio show that is produced and recorded by dj Trybe. Every second week you can listen to and download the latest episode featuring the best house music Trybe has to offer.

True Religion Souls (TRS) was started as a portal to the vast experience and sophistication in house music taste Trybe has accumulated in his years as a dj. This is what its about, right from rocking backyard sessions, to sunday sessions, right up to your lounge cafe and club. The beats have pumped and will continue to pump regardless of the situation. The sound that Trybe brings is unique, classy and has elements of musical correctness all collected by the mixmeister himself many of his fans trust his ear for good music and he never fails to deliver those that have heard him play have often not beleived that he could not produce mixes of this calibre and quality. One local house music dj has often commented that Trybe’s sets were a result of a heavily practiced tracklist prior to the gig…

…i think not. Infact, I KNOW not. Often when we discuss the set and other sets he plays he will often say that its all about the vibe of the location and the people there, once you get on the decks its up to you to guide everyone on a musical journey. See and hear for yourself and visit:

here is the latest offering from True Religion Souls:

this show is episode 5 in Trybe’s offerings. For more and past epidoses feel free to explore the page and keep tuned in for more true house music.


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