Producer of the Week Kerri Chandler

Producer of the week: Kerri Chandler – Serious Contributors to house music

This section of posts is here to highlight some serious contributions that have been made to make house music what it is in the eyes of the world today.  This one I couldnt miss out on not mentioning, his track s are always unique, musically correct and are what is art.


Kerri Chandler is a producer like no other, and he has done much more that just peformances and productions in the genre of house music. He has dedicated himself and his life to the music and the artform entirely and as such he has been labelled a pioneer.

Born to a family of musicians, Kerri’s exploration of music started at a very early age, as his father was a respected dj and musician and this led him to pick up the skill, expand on it and add elements of his character to his music. It was at the age of 13 when his dj career debuted  and on an interview in an online UK publication Our House magazine, he mentions how he always wanted to be a dj and prove to the adults that he had what it took to do what they did and better, and often his father would make him stand on crates just to get over the decks as the crowd went wild for his sets.

His love for music did not just end with dj’ing, in his later years he learnt to play various musical instruments such as piano and has often mention how that opened his eyes. Kerri’s skill and understanding of music and technology grew tremendously over the years to the point where the equipment he had could not keep up with what he wanted to do with music. Instead of sitting around and waiting for the newest release of whatever is used at the time, he would take apart turntable, mixers and various instruments to modify them to what is now known as ” the Chandlerise”.

Armed with all his skill and knowledge of technology Chandler got on to do and produce new amazing sound and led to the pioneering of a new sound in house music that came to be known as Deep House.

He has had many a performance on levels that other dj’s only dream to reach, with the most basic equipment pulling off some of the newest sound we have ever heard. He really amazed me when i saw him pull off a live production set at a gig of a track he finished just before he got there, the track has come to be one of my favourite  as a very musically correct and humble track. Often in interviews, when asked he would say that his production is often a reflection of his moods and feelings at the time and that says a lot in itself, in that his music is a result of all his effort and attention and seriousness in making a new sound. Below is a video from one of his first computer games  albums as he finishes it off in a club he was playing at:

Below is the final result of the track that came to be called ESC…think the keyboard:

Computer games are a series of albums bearing a new sound in deep house that is not like any other. It was inspired by his love of ealry electronics and how he used to mess with them, now he gets a chance to mess with them musically in the future. One particular track that has got a lot of attention was kong, which was based on one of the 1st computer games ever made. It was simple and addictive just like the game, and Kerri has managed to capture that magic along with his spirit and it is clear that he is a humble man as he loves what he does and the people that have come to appreciate it.

But it not all about electronics and electronic music, Kerri Chandler has had many collaborations with other artists and singers to produce deep soulful tracks. One in particular is the releases called Soul Heaven, where Kerri Chandler and Dennis Ferrer would release their deep and soulful tracks on vinyl records in a 2xLP release. The more popular tracks that he has released was rain:



My all time favourite is one of his releases called ‘all the downloads’ with vocals by Barry White, which was popularised in Southern Africa through a released compilation by a South African deephouse pioneer, producer and dj Glenn Lewis. He released the compilation under the name Glenzito house avenue, and this was a real eye opener for most local producers who realised what what possible with soulful vocals on deep sounds and heavy basslines.

An accomplished dj and producer, Kerri has made multiple waves in the music scene and this has landed him a deep house award at the 2011 international dj awards. He continues to have great many a gig and the deep house community still enjoys the best of what  Kerri has to offer.


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