Gabs City Movements – Floating the Underground Show

This past weekend dated June 16 was a special one for deep house enthusiasts in Gaborone. A special culmination of djs producers, singers and those that enjoy the best sounds of deep and soulful house came under one roof on top of one bass bin and enjoyed the best deep house the city has to offer. This was the day of the African child and deep was the music of the day.

The sound was inevitable as we approached the balcony. I remember a faint bassline and the sounds of screams as a track was introduced, it must’ve surely been a hot one. Anxiety built and the pace hastened, it took me back to the old GC where u could tell wether a gig popped off or not due to the sounds coming from the host location and this was surely to be a great one.

Upon enetering the scene there were showers of love as everybody was in an uplifting mood, I knew it -King Spin was in the mix and the man never disappoints. As i passed to grab a seat and some liquids, i notice a bass bin, a heavy bass bin this was the underground.

The tunes were all ecompassing everyone was enjoying the sounds and night kept on building as the dj’s kept on pumping out one tune after the other. Tunes that were not only for the deep house heads, but lovers of soul and good music, and this was evident in the uplifted mood that had showered the place as dj Miles of the 96min show jumped on the decks.

Dj Miles Gabz fm 96min mix

There was a short silence followed by an epic intro a la deephousecat. We immediately knew the man himself was about to do the right job for the right people, and mix well he did. The night continued with everyone caught up in either conversation, catching up, and some tried to create new connections and others were just enjoying the good food. One thing was for certain deep and soulful house was the order of the day. This is a sound rarely enjoyed by most people in the city as it is either confined to chill sessions, private gatherings or underground house party movements, but on this night the underground was floated.

Stay tuned for more movements in the city and get yourself some good music.


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