Producer/Dj of the Week: Milton Jackson

Producer/Dj of the week: Milton Jackson –  Deep Underground house Mastermind

This section of posts is here to highlight some serious contributions that have been made to make house music what it is in the eyes of the world today.

Milton Jackson, photo from the Album Crash. source:

Milton Jackson has been around since the turn of the millenia, but I only started taking personal note of his music in the past two or three years as the journey into deep house went ever deeper.  A producer and Dj from the UK that made his first release at the age of 19, entitled Bionic Boy. That has since spawned a string of successes that led to tours all over the northern Hemisphere.

Now, the sounds that you’ll hear from this fella are non mainstream and only capture the ear of the discerning deep house listener. What particularly caught my attention this week was the new release from Freerange Records Colour Series: Grey 09 Sampler. This was one particular album that when hearing, one will be transported back to the true deep house sounds that dominated the waves before they got diluted and changed. A highlight of the album for me was the track DSI (by Milton Jackson), which covers most if not all of the elements that make a good sounding deep house track. It really does just capture the essence of deep and takes it back to the mid-tempo days of deep house, with incredible soundscapes, deep heavy basslines, flanged synths and instruments it really does take you deep, and this is the track for the deep house lover. Catch it below:

After reading a bit about this Album it was when I learnt that Milton Jackson almost quit music who was then talked out of it by freerange records according to the article on

“A prolific producer and DJ hitherto, Jackson was close to quitting music in December 07, when Freerange talked him out of it. He then recorded Ghosts In My Machines for the Freerange 100th release, which was probably his biggest track to date. On the basis of that success Freerange asked him to record an album.”

One cannot imagine the sort of sound we would have missed out on had he lost the will to produce some good deep house music. Well done to Freerange Records. Some of the ealier releases by milton jackson will be included as youtube videos below:

These two killer jams are just amongst the top two that stand out, and without a doubt there are many more inspiring deep house tracks by the man himself.


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