Gabs City Movements – Floating the Underground, show #2

This past weekend was the last weekend of July, and we may be saying goodbye to the winter blues that have kept us huddled in our jackets restricting our free movement to dance.

floating the underground show number 2

There are lovers and haters of winter and the same goes with summer, as each person has their own preference for the ideal temperature for what it is that they do. kMoe and Trybe were fortunate once again to join the undergound house movement that looks to show the underground side of house music. It was the floating the underground show. The 1st show was built from a combination of radio, and underground dj’s who delivered a sound that was almost universal.

It was a slightly cool day, and the sun set later that usual, and the vibe was mellow, the decks were held by kMoe and Trybe between the hours of 3 and 6pm, re ne re boledisa letsatsi, and as the sun set the mood and the vibe of the beats began to pick up as dj Myza took over the decks soon to be followed by Bobzen from maftown who delivered a combination of classics remixes and funky deep house an afternoon and evening worth remembering. Whether you like summer or winter, deep soulful or commercial house the undergroud was floating and the music went beyond all times and seasons and continues to.

some snaps from khwest…

King Spin and Dzzious Christ on the opening set.
dj Bobzen
dj Trybe dropping a 2hr set
dj Myza


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