Four to the Floor Fridays!! Live Recorded Mixes :: 31 Aug 2012

Triple F :: Friday 31st Aug

Last day of winter, and temperatures are starting to warm up. The Khwest Balcony is positively vibing, and the energy all around is intoxicating. Yes thats right!! blogging live from khwest as the mixes are recording.

kMoe, yours truly just jumped off the decks to lever over to Myza who is killen it with some vibey deep soulful, and upbeat jazz tracks.  Next up is dj Tshepidee who will be taking the  bar even higher.

catch you Monday where you will be able to access the mixes on this site.


As promised you can listen to the mixes from  Friday. As this is the first time we were doing it, editing of the mixes was not carried out and this is as it was picked up by the recorder. Due to the software we were using at the time we were not able to record all of the 1st set, but the rest came out well.




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