about Four4beats _new changes but still the same

We would like to welcome you to the new blog, four4 beats. Having gone under the name fourtothefloormovement it was time to change, mainly because the name was too long, not only that, it was limiting in the sense that it sort of narrowed the scope of music we would like to cover. I came up with a shorter and catchier name four4 beats, the focus on the music has not changed. It still maintains the same strive for musically correct music and not noise, and that we will see and hear.

The past year has been of deep contemplation and great journey into music and sound, I would like to  share this all in the new blog. The passion still remains in deep house, broken beat, soul and now the new sounds of hip hop jazz and soul have awoken a passion to strive into it more. I have teamed up with new talent and will introduce them as we go along, as well as myself, kMoe. Once the site upgrades are complete you we will share mixes and remixes of beats, live vocals and instruments into our music.

As for the gigs, it has been a year since we had the ‘four to the floor Fridays!!’ at café khwest and we will not be having them any more, but instead once all the elements are right we will deliver live sets vocal, instrumental and vinyl, on a weekend date and we will offer music suggestions and reviews of what we find cool to listen to as well as interesting little articles on music, our mind and culture because it is all related. Music makes you who you are.



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