Four Beats Today

This is a new segment of our blog where we will be sharing our musical influences and give light to some of the dope hip hop, broken beat and lounge tracks out there. If you’re looking for something new this is the segment.

The first four beats include some US alternative Hip Hop sounds that were inspired by revolutionary producers such as JDilla and MadLib. Check out Madvillain,  a combination between MF Doom beats produced by madlib they released a video for their track fancy clown and Strangeways. An interesting duo ill write about soon.

Then next two beats are from the group JayLib, composed of Madlib and JDilla, the video ‘Heist’ taken off their Album Champion sound (2003) was made as an entry to the video competition hosted by Stones Throw records.

the last of the fourbeats today is from Quasimoto called Low Class Conspiracy, a crazy alias created by madlib as he shows his other side of beat production.

Enjoy the four beats of today, and stay tuned for the next installment of four beats today. We hope this will share with you an alternative side of hip hop/rap that moves away from the mainstream monotony from a lot of popular music to show there are other aspects of creativity.




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