Four beats Today 3/02/14

This weeks four beats today, we would like to focus on hip hop as the greater world has evolved it. Keeping in theme with beats that involve classical live sounds, cant help but focus on some of the masters of morden real hip hop and it eminates from french hip hop. In my exploration of the French hip hop releases, one couldnt help but notice mad talent for some nicely sampled records that produced some of the finest beats, unique to mostly the US talent.

The first couple of tracks were inspired by a French artist named Jazzy Bazz, ive observed to be a mad freestlyer that has won a couple of underground rap battles. He appears as part of the group cool connexion, what they are about I dont know, but they sure have some dope music. Check out “64 mesures du spleen by Jazzy Bazz, and Hommes de L’Est by Cool connexion” The music Videos are dope aswell.

The Next two of the four beats include sick beat maker Lex (de Kalhex) who has numerous releases on vinyl as well as being part of the group Kalhex. Enjoy the best beats in Hip Hop.



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