Spotlight on: Singer, Writer, poet and song writer: Angie Thato Chuma – our new contributor

I’d like to host a gracious welcome to our new contributor to Four4Beats, Angie Chuma. She is a talented singer, writer and an all round person fully intouch with reality, a valuable addition to the crew as she will provide her insights into music and creativity.  We have had a history of working together at  live shows such as the ‘one love jam sessions’ hosted by one of our support labels Lucky Charm clothing international. We will bring you more decent content to make this site an ever cooler place to be.

singer and writer: Angie Chuma
singer and writer: Angie Thato Chuma

Thato Angela Chuma is a Motswana singer-songwriter, activist and writer of poems and stories. Her passion for the arts erupted when she started singing at the age of 14 in various open mics, corporate events and poetry shows. Her love for writing continues to give birth to songs as well as poems and short stories. Her poems have been in web literary publications such as ‘The Kalahari Review’ and ‘Saraba Magazine’ and some of her songs have received radio play in local radio stations as well as featured on music web magazines. To her, art is the channel that unravels her essence and through which she builds new worlds.


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