Four Beats Today 28/04/14

We move. I want us to move to a slightly different sound, and I bring you the man with the skill to do it. Exile. He is a diverse producer and judging from his works, they are unmatchable. This is the new age of music where genres are not just robust classifications of music but rather a definition of direction; a direction of sound. Why I want us to focus on Exile, is that he is simply undivided in his music, as most great musicians are, armed with a sample pad the music that will hit you when listening to Exile’s beats are a fusion of Brazilian and latin beat loops combined with the directional hip hop snare and synths from classic soul and Jazz from the day all influenced by classic vinyl releases. I could go on all day about the vastness of skill from this Kat, check out a selection of some of the tracks he’s made by collaborating with various rappers  such including rapper Blu forming the group Blu and Exile. The first track is from his solo Album radio, which he made entirely using samples from scanning through various American and Latin radio stations recording them straight to his pad sampler. If this is not talent in music I dont know what is. Enjoy!



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