Four Beats Today by kMoe 12/04/14 – Broken Beats

Keeping in light with an upcoming post, the focus for the four beats today is introduce the sound of broken beat music. The trap here is that I might go on to make a whole post about broken beat music but that is for next week’s article, keep a look out for that if you want to learn about this genre. For now I wish to share some of the cool broken beat tracks I have been listening to, the really enjoyable part about broken beat music is that it is formless and does not fit into any structure and this may usually lead to it being misrepresented as deep house, which by all it is not, that will all be made clear.  The first track is a popular classic by Critical point ft. Vikter Duplaix with a track called messages, we call it pure broken!! Other tracks will be from Floating Points, and Jazzual Suspsects. This type of sound has a heavy influence from the original music such as jazz and Brazilian funk simply because the loops and beats move in a direction we don’t know out away from the four-four beat  time signature. The last track will beb y clara Hill and Atjazz with a track Nowhere I can go, this is the true pinnacle of what broken beat can sound like and can be thoroughly enjoyed by listening with an open mind. Enjoy this selection and don’t forget to check up next week on broken beat music.



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