News and Updates 11/04/2014

On keeping on with the development of things, the aim is to keep bringing changes to this experience and to make it easier to access our content through the variety of web services available to us.

Well we have a new twitter account where we will broadcast exclusive updates relating to what we do. The handle and name are simple and straight forward, please follow by clicking on the link below:,

or search for our handle @four4beats

follow us on: twitter_images

As for the content development, the stage is being set to deliver content created by us. In upcoming posts and publications custom content such as video mixes, samples from new productions and mixes from events will be uploaded to this page for your access. It would also be more ideal to share photographs and short videos of where we’ve been hanging out, these will include events, gatherings, meets, sound sessions, along with artworks from other artists that we will work with in support of the art form.

triple f 019 log_01As we move around meeting new artists, producers and old friends, we give you a small interview and profile so you get to know them and their music and art better so keep a look out for that. Speaking of moving, one thing to keep a look out on in moving is the development of a new show and more music through external events that we may be a part of, which will provide the full and rich sound of experience. Photo0112

keep posted



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