What is the original sound?

The sound of music is universal, and it spans all languages and cultures, and music is not the invention of one man, it is the structure of creation. When one really looks into sound, you will see and hear it everywhere and everywhen. Music has and is the perfume that exist in the culture of man, modern music is a celebration of that. There is always that original sound in most good modern music that you will hear today, and since music is now divided into so many genres it may be hard to pin point where the original sound came from,  and to search for it will certainly teach one about what makes great music.

Speaking from the ear of a deep house, hip hop, broken beat fanatic searching for the original sound has revealed a lot about appreciating great music and being able to hear a good track when it plays, without having to think about what all the images attached to the music or the artist. A lot of old school hip hop, rnb and rock music incorporate5169556-metal-vintage-microphone-on-black-backgrounds a beat pattern of some sort as the base of the melody and vocals, a lot of them use drum kits and beat patterns original found in classical jazz and latin music, this says something about the creativity and originality in jazz music.

Most tracks that we listen to have some kind of a kick, snare, hat and hiss patern to it, well it makes it groovy to listen to, even when chillin out it only makes sense to chill to a groove, so without having to stake the original sound in popularity, but, rather on common acceptance and appreciation (within specific genres, of course) it may appear that the beat groove, that is in latin jazz music.

image courtesy of unc.edu/~bnleake/Percussion.html

But then, music is much more complex than that, and we have thousands of instruments that also produce melody; trumpets, violins, pianos, keyboards, synthesisers and so forth but when we I look into the popular melodies of today, they all resonate around jazz melodies, some broken up and rearranged, but the originality and the use of the instrument remains.

African Drums as the original beat for sound. Image courtesy of dummerstribe.com

So when looking for the original sound, what I would be looking for is a sound that is the mother and father to all other sounds, the genre that is the root genre of all genres and it never seems to end, as we find the root of jazz music in african music, with the drum being the significant instrument. Could we then say the drum the instrument for the original sound? The beat? Food for thought.



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