News and Updates : 25 Aug ’14

Pre thoughts

Its been a rather quiet winter, with that added, there was trouble with the hard drive that stores all the material for this blog, big lesson learnt there!! back up yo shit. Anyways on an forward, news and updates for whats going to be taking place with four4beats.

As you know, all this is about is just a movement to move away from the current proliferation of the current paradigm in electronic music which in all senses is moving in a direction that aims to get as far away from true musical inspiration as possible. Not to say that it is an absolute waste of time to explore music in any one way one chooses, it is an absolute neccessity. Our path is more localised in the classical sense of music, it is in the time of the introduction of electronic music production technique that really created an explosion of genres, most of which can lose us in our sense of exploration, becuase in the end music is created to tickle the senses.


We will be working with Lucky Charm Int’l to bring the culture and the art form alive. It will be an attempt to bring authenticity to the creative landscape, to create an appreciation that will develop even the social constructs of the culture of music and art. It will be a revival of a relationships that existed in the era of the BW shop with events such as the graffitti and arts festival as well as the ‘one love’ gigs with Live Wire Recording Studios providing the sound and equipment enabling us to provide the environment . Many of the elements of the events will undergo improvements such as in location, setup and music.

Lucky Charm Pop-Up Mart on 30th August kwa ga Ncinci check for more details.

This saturday the 30th August will be the lucky Charm Pop-up market, where you will be able to interact with lucky charm artists and contributors as well as appreciators of the artform and musical landscape. To get tickets contact 72158569. Hit us up and come and enjoy a great atmosphere.

Upcoming Content

While working on upgrading the space and working on new  features for the blog, I have the intention of providing content such as mixes and a couple of routines with the small record collection I have. The turn table routines will be an exploration of some of the way to use some new sounding beats and sound samples and will be recorded merely for experimental purposes, some if good enough will be played live at an event. The routines are recorded in video, with an emphasis placed on high quality audio. You may check out a preview of one of the cams below. The plan is to have one a month all releases taking place within the first week of the month. In Between will be various mixes in various genres, in various formats from various dj’s, singers, and instrumentalists, so plenty of variety is  coming along, keep posted keep following, its on.

waxxy cut articles routines coming soon
waxxy cut articles routines coming soon

waxxy cut articles film strip2

This Spring…

We can look forward to another event also organised by Lucky Charm Clothing, which will be the graffiti and arts festival, which will see the event graced by artists, graff masters and clothing exhibitions by lucky charm and several other designers. We will be working once again with Live Wire Studios, Kuptan Skool , concepts under Pressure crew plus more. Keep a look out for that aswell. Poster below will be updated with more details.

Graffitti and Arts Festival coming spring
Graffitti and Arts Festival coming spring



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