Waxxy Cut Articles with kMoe EP 001

Waxxy Cut Articles are short videos created from the vinyls that I have collected from various genres of Funk classics, jazz, soul, hip hop, rap and beat makers beats. They are put together purely to explore the original hip hop sound that has influenced the evolution of the genre from the early times of its inception to current day productions from people all over the world.

The first Installment EP001 opens up with a 1974 classic by ‘George McCrae – I get lifted’ The sound from this 45 record was sampled to produce the remix Snoop Dogg’s Gin and Juice along with a couple of other hip hop tracks, a cool sounding track that has really captured the melody of its original. Sampling old school classics for use in hip hop and rap beats is what the culture was born out of, and this has spawned a plethora of dj’s and producers that use the same technique to produce most of the good audio beats we hear today.

Check out the video below and keep posted for more mixes, remixes and adlibs. Enjoy:


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