Waxxy Cut Articles with kMoe Ep002

Waxxy Cut Articles are short videos created from the vinyls that I have collected from various genres of Funk classics, jazz, soul, hip hop, rap and beat makers beats. They are put together purely to explore the original hip hop sound that has influenced the evolution of the genre from the early times of its inception to current day productions from people all over the world.

This episode has a slightly dark feel to it, it was inspired by watching turntablist battle videos, which were accounts of some of the international battle scenes from mainly the US, Europe and Japan such as DMC DJ competition, which began in 1985 and has seen the legends of the turntable such as Cutmaster Swift, Dj David, Qbert, MixMaster Mike, Kentaro, Dj Babu and many countless and highly skilled grandmasters. Competitions have rung far and wide with more competitions coming through under the banner ITF (International Turntable Federation), IDA (International DJ Association) and more recently the Redbull thre3style competition for the younger more tech savvy up and coming dj’s.

This is in no way close to the skill levels achieved by these kats, but should be a glimpse of what it is that went into a battle scenario. I guess a post of turntablism is in the offing. For now enjoy this episode:


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