The Disappearing Headset, where does it go?

Personal hearing instruments such as headphones and earphones have seen increasing popularity since the personalisation of music listening. The invention of personal music devices such as the ipod and the sony walkman has made easy for everyone to carry with them a set of hearing devices for the pleasure of any activity which may require the attention from musical distraction to pursue their work.


The vast differences in the hearing styles of the listening devics has made it quite a distinctive and customisable part of the portable music scene and what each user prefers to listen to determines their choice of personal hearing apparatus particularly the choice between headphones and earphones. Each may have their pros and cons but the comparisons may be not be limited to the sound quality and the sound environment one may be subjecting themselves to. The differences may be subtle, such as the build quality of the product, which is the construction of the product and how it will last based on the stresses of the equipment as it conforms and contorts to all the movements of the body during their use.


Problems inherent in headphone use are not vast and varied but rather simple and mundane, and one may worry as to why, given the advances of material science and technology today’s headphones and earphones do not last as long as they should be,but rather have the same lifespan as you average portion of soap detergent. The question one should beg is why?


The first thing one would need to examine is the empirical evidence as to the problem of disappearing headphones and/or earphones. The most prominent issue os with the problem of the loss of sound from one side of the set. It has been less than 6months into 2016 and I am on my 6th pair of earphones due to the same problem and this equates to abour a headphone a month. Earphones die due to an active lifestyle attached to the user of the mobile listening device.


The solution


IMG_20160122_170527Taking things into my own hands it is best to make your own repairs and upgrades to some of the components of the headset that wear out particularly weak jacks, it takes in a little knowledge in electronics such as voltage, resistance, current and some technical skill in soldering, and you can get your headsets repaired. Pop into your local electronics store and pick yourself up some spare 3.5mm jacks, but check your device first to check if it will fit. Doing this will teach you about the design of headsets, and how each design affects sound quality and the longevity of speakers. It wil also teach you to pick better headsets for your particular application as you will be able to pick up the patterns as they change over time.




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